112 – CB LIVE! Courage to Leap and Lead with Edina Clagett, part 2

Edina Clagett of Beyoutiful Portraits is an Accredited Award Winning Portrait Photographer, who has received multiple awards from The Portrait Masters Association for the past 4 years. She has also been voted Best Portrait Photographer of Fort Collins in 2019 & 2020.

She was born in Hungary, moved to the US in 1999, and now lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Her love of portraiture started in her 20’s when she traveled the world with a backpack and visited over 30+ 3rd World countries capturing unique cultures and their people.

With the birth of her twins in 2010, she decided to do photography professionally. After a lot of studying and soul-searching, she has fallen in love with Womens’ Portraiture.

Her mission became helping everyday women overcome their fear of the camera & start existing in photos. Her goal is to empower women by showing them the most incredible photos they have ever seen of themselves so they can ultimately embark on a journey toward self-love and self-acceptance! Her work keeps making a difference in the way women see themselves, raising their self-confidence and self-worth! Her sessions are way more than just a photoshoot! It’s a true Transformation!

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