133 – Courage to Leap & Lead with Greg Williams | part 1

Part 1 of a 2-part episode

Greg is a people person who cares for the well-being of others. That is why he teaches people how to negotiate while reading body language, to increase their value and get more from every negotiation. And he has presented negotiation and reading body language training and consultations to people in 14 countries.

Greg is a Harvard-trained negotiator with a wealth of 30-plus years of negotiation and reading body language experience. Known as ‘The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert,’ he is an accomplished author, speaker, trainer, and a recognized worldwide thought leader on negotiation and reading body language.

The research firm, Global Gurus, has double-ranked Greg in negotiation and body language among the top 30 gurus worldwide. LeadersHum has named him to the Powerlist of the top 200 biggest voices in leadership.

In addition, Greg is also a member of the famed Marshall Goldsmith’s 100Coaches – individuals who coach such people as Serena Williams, Richard Branson, and other well-known world-recognized public figures. In the capacity of TV News Contributor, Greg has appeared on all U.S. major TV networks and some in other countries.

Greg has written seven books about negotiations and reading body language, and he’s currently writing number eight. Greg’s motto is, “You’re always negotiating!”

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