139 – Courage to Leap & Lead with Mark Fujiwara – part 2

Mark Fujiwara is a certified exit planning advisor, a personal CFO to a select group of wonderful clients, a certified portfolio manager, an author, a speaker on the missing component of a financial plan, and a director at Baird with 30 years of industry experience.
He is the author of Superior Results: Maximizing the Value of Your Family Office Just Like the Super-Rich, forthcoming in early 2023, and a guest instructor at the Global School of Entrepreneurship for courses on family offices and mergers and acquisitions.
Most of the entrepreneurs and retirees he speaks to not only need guidance and order with their finances but also struggle to address the most important issue of health and longevity. Working with entrepreneurs for 25 years, he discovered that without addressing their most important asset, all that they’ve worked for could be lost.

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