90 – CB LIVE! Courage to Leap & Lead with SIMON HAIGH

SIMON HAIGH – The Growth Strategist – Driving Business, Leadership, Brand & Personal Growth “I help you to achieve personal & professional success through aligning potential with opportunity” As featured on BBC, ABC, Newstalk Radio, Brainz Magazine, The Chairman’s Network, Decision – Ireland’s Business Review & more & endorsed by World #1 Leadership Thinker Marshall Goldsmith Published 3+ Books Featured in 12+ other publications 100 + Client Testimonials Simon Haigh, MBA, BA (Hons) Law is a highly acclaimed (over 100+ testimonials) business, leadership, brand & personal growth strategist & transformational thought leader.

Simon’s work & two of his books (How to be a Better Dealcloser & Dealmaking for Corporate Growth are endorsed by world no. 1 leadership thinker, Marshall Goldsmith. He is also an associate member of the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Organisation – https://www.stakeholdercenteredcoaching.com/. Brainz Magazine Top 500 Influential Thought Leader. LeadersHum – Nominated Top 100 Influential Thought Leader PeopleHum – Top 200 Influential Thought Leader Thinkers 360 – #4 Sales, #9 Entrepreneurship, #10 Legal & IP, #13 Health & Wellness, #33 Mental Health, #37 Management #47 Emerging Technology

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