91— CB LIVE Courage to Leap and Lead with Guest Rick Petry

Rick Petry is a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Executive Coach. He is engaged to work with successful high potential individuals, executives, and leaders who want to get even better. He is the Founder of Preeminence Consulting and Ultimate Success Coach. He is also an adjunct law professor, business consultant, author, speaker, life coach, and authority in leadership, organizational culture, and neuroscience. Rick is fiercely committed to helping professional service providers, high-performing corporate executives and their teams, entrepreneurs, and students become preeminent in their field and double their income in two years or less.

Rick helps people create these types of results and improve the quality of their lives and the performance of their businesses by using the best cutting-edge information, technology, and performance improvement techniques and strategies from the scientific fields of neuroscience, human potential, human performance excellence, epigenetics, and others combined with the latest research about the most effective and efficient leadership, business growth and digital marketing strategies.

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