97 – CB LIVE! Courage to Leap & Lead with Guest Chris Drury

It was a circuitous path that took Chris from journalism school to big tech. After struggling to land a journalism job after college, Chris ended up working in digital media where there was little belief in the web as a media property and confusion about the technology and lots of opportunities. There weren’t a lot of women in tech then (though not much has changed since then) which meant it was fairly easy to end up working in digital media and break new ground at some of the biggest digital and entertainment properties in the U.S.

As the tech got more complex and as the media industry struggled to get ahead of Silicon Valley, Chris moved to e-commerce and payments.

Most recently, Chris has held several leadership roles in Product, Business Operations, and Sales at Visa before moving on to Facebook and landing at a Fintech building consumer credit products for consumers and small businesses.

Always an activist at heart, Chris is heavily involved in supporting women’s issues, voter registration, and equity in the workplace, which makes her one of the Executive Committee members for Workplace Equity and Equality.

When she’s not volunteering or working, she’s hiking with her two golden retrievers, mountain biking and skiing with her husband and adventurous friends, and hopefully when COVID finally subsides, travels again.

Know more about Chris, connect with her on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisdrury/

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