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Courage: To Leap & Lead:

“Courage To Lead & Lead”, ” (formally “CB Bowman LIVE: Challenges of the C-Suit.”) The show is a tour de force exploring the high profile challenges that executives in the c-suite face such as Corvid-19, BLM, takeovers, communication, behavior challenges, leadership, etc. with solutions from others in the c-suite and master level corporate executive coaches. Courage based real-life examples and real-life solutions!
This program will allow executives to face their challenges through the lens of others faced with the same challenges using courage.

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Are we the right fit for each other? We’re looking for those who are thought leaders and strong influencers in their area of expertise. Those who exemplify COURAGE

Our audience is primarily built of business leaders, coaches, experts, and participants who would like for you to share your business story. Including breakthrough moments, defining moments, tips on what success looks like in your professional space, or what challenges you faced and the solutions you uncovered.


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