How To “Leap and Lead with Courage” in Business and everyday life with CB Bowman

Are You Willing To Leap & Lead Courageously Despite Adversity? 

In this Legacy Leaders Show, we discuss with CB Bowman-Ottomanelli (Keynote Speaker, Consultant), a Keynote Speaker and Courage Consultant, “The Courage to Leap” first, then figure out where you will land through “Simple Solutions to Complex Problems™” that anyone can implement as a part of their daily practice. 

In addition, CB shares:

➡️ Why and how you can leap first and lead forward 

➡️ Why is essential Your Advisors & Board of Directors even if you are solo-entrepreneur 
➡️ How to approach and tackle complex issues 

to name a few.

CB Bowman-Ottomanelli (Keynote Speaker, Consultant) it was great talking to you!

To learn more about CB and her great work, contact her directly on LinkedIn.

Champions, Buckle Up!  🎯🙌🏻❤️ Izabela Lundberg, M.S. , Legacy Leaders Institute

This is a value-packed episode that you don’t want to miss. Click the link ⏬ to discover how to leap and lead like a chamion exclusively on the Legacy Leaders Show!

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