Join the

Microcourage™ Institute


Be among those courageous industry leaders who evolved, and became unstuck.

Master the art of growth and success through courage.

Have breakthroughs which allow for creativity to replace fear and concerns.

Join our next laboratory today and experience the art of implementing courage to find “simple solutions to complex problems”

i.e., Opening a new practice, adding a new service, new product launch, purchasing a house, returning to school, building a team, building your credibility, difficult conversations, etc.

What to Expect

Microcourage™  At Work is a highly interactive learning journey. Participants begin the journey with 20-30 minutes of pre-work reflection, where they identify a “courage project” they’ve had and analyze the situation. This pre-work is used extensively in the 1/2 day program as participants apply what they’re learning to their real situations.

Key Takeaways

While we know participants will complete this program feeling inspired, we’ll do you one better. This program will leave them immediately equipped and confidently able to:

  • Effectively deliver constructive feedback

  • Identify and avoid behavior traps that can trigger failure

  • Follow a framework for confronting failure in a way that is direct, positive, and focused on increasing courage by focusing on goals.

  • Discover tools to support your identifying simple solutions to complex problems g, development, and preserving the relationship

  • Presenting statements that will minimize defensiveness and promote positive communication.

  • Increase accountability for your courage and the courage of others

  • Manage emotional reactions

  • Increase innovation and creativity without guilt.


Who Should Attend

Leaders at all levels will see their confidence and leadership effectiveness increase as a result of participating in the Microcourage™ at Work program. Whether they are a new manager or a seasoned executive, participants will leave with the skills and tools to turn failure into success.