The Microcourage™ process is a personal and professional development methodology emphasizing self-awareness, reflection, and accountability. It is a powerful tool for individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills and increase their capacity for innovation and creativity.

Becoming certified in the Microcourage™ process can provide numerous benefits, including increased credibility, enhanced skills, and building your courage muscle. One of the most significant benefits of becoming certified using the Microcourage™ process is increased reliability and credibility as a leader. In addition, certification demonstrates that an individual has a thorough understanding of building, supporting, and rewarding courage and has shown the ability to apply it effectively.

This knowledge can be precious for coaching, consulting, and training professionals, where credibility and expertise are essential to building a successful practice. Additionally, certification can help individuals stand out in a crowded market, differentiate themselves from competitors, and increase their earning potential.

Another benefit of becoming certified in using the Microcourage™ process is enhanced skills. The process is designed to help individuals develop a range of competencies,

including emotional intelligence, communication, and problem-solving. Under certification, individuals can deepen their understanding of these skills and gain practical experience applying them. This training can be precious for professionals seeking to enhance their leadership skills, as the Microcourage process emphasizes self-awareness and accountability, two critical components of effective leadership.

Certification in using the Microcourage process can also provide access to a supportive community of practitioners. The Microcourage Institute, the organization that oversees certification, offers a range of resources and networking opportunities for certified practitioners. This community can provide ongoing support, mentorship, and opportunities for collaboration, which can be especially valuable for leaders and potential leaders looking to expand their trusted professional network.

In addition to these specific benefits, becoming certified using the Microcourage™ process can also benefit individuals and organizations. The approach emphasizes self-awareness, reflection, and accountability, which can help individuals develop a more comprehensive understanding of themselves and their goals. As a result, the training can lead to increased clarity, purpose, and direction in both personal and professional contexts. For organizations, certification in the Microcourage process can effectively build a culture of accountability and continuous improvement. In addition, organizations can embed the process into their operations by training a team of certified practitioners and creating a shared language and framework for personal and professional development. Finally, this process can foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and adaptability, which is especially valuable in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

The Microcourage™ certification program supports leaders in automatically applying the six-step roadmap to complex problems and opportunities, from relaunching a product or service to team building to resolving life’s challenges, thus saving vast amounts of time and money wandering in a non-productive space.

It is important to note that becoming certified using the Microcourage™ process is not a silver bullet. Like any tool or methodology, it is only as effective as the individual or organization using it. Therefore, certification does not guarantee success, and it is up to the individual to apply the process effectively and consistently. However, for individuals and organizations committed to personal and professional development, certification in the Microcourage™ process can be a powerful tool for achieving their goals.

The intention is for this process to become a way of life. Therefore, becoming certified as a “Microcourage™ Master Trainer” is recommended for all who wish to apply the principles presented in this book to create a shift in mindset —“expanding the possibilities,” to quote Dr. Ana Melikian.

Program Features:

  • Class sizes appropriate to your need
  • Certified instructors
  • A psychologically safe space
  • Expertise in the use of tools presented in this book and more
  • Multiple opportunities to practice and receive positive feedback
  • Post-program individual    coaching    and    consulting sessions
  • Access all the resources, videos, and guides for free or discounted prices.
  • Access to conferences and new workshops at a discounted

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use the Microcourage™ process effectively and efficiently
  • How to embed the process with key stakeholders
  • How to use the process to change key outcomes
  • How to expedite ramping up for launches and relaunches
  • How to leverage the procedure to change the dialogue

Contact us at Microcourage™ University for details on how to bring us to your organization and how to become certified: info@courage-consulting.com.