★★★★★ "Courage is a powerful thing and so is this podcast! Having the honor of being in conversation with CB Bowman, was a highlight of my 2022. CB is a master at the art of conversation, and goes deep with each guest on how to lead with courage. If you want an insight on how we can flex the courage muscle and become better leaders, CB will show you how." Tricia Brouk from the United States  November 26, 2022 via Apple Podcasts

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"CB is a great interviewer—she ignites commentary with some humor."

Unapologetically Powerful! I love CB’s unabashedly passionate, probing and provocative interview style. Of all the many podcasts and media I've worked with, CB gets to the heart of important issues in the C-Suite and of our world today.


Must listen! CB is one of the best interviewers out there! The discussion are deep and inspiring! I look forward to each episode.

"I love CB’s unabashedly passionate, probing, and provocative interview style. Of all the many podcasts and media I've worked with, CB gets to the heart of important issues in the C-Suite and of our world today."

One of my favorite podcasts out there! There are so many podcasts out there that it is impossible to keep up. But one show that I am always sure never to miss is "CB Bowman Live: Challenges of the C-Suite"! Not only is the show always interesting and educational, but it is also light, fun, and entertaining. CB's mix of wonderful guests, casual and conversational style, and insightful observations make for a winning combination...not only for those in the C-Suite, but for anyone and everyone.


I’ve just listened, again, to CB’s conversation with Todd Churches, and have added several other podcasts to my list. CB is entertaining and well-prepared. Her questions evolve from a deep study of her guest’s work, and that leads to more takeaways for me. In regard to this episode, between CB’s interview and Todd’s book, I’ll save a fortune by not enrolling in Todd’s courses at NYU and Columbia. It’s all here!

142 – Courage to Leap & Lead with Chris Toledo

Chris Toledo is a motivational/keynote speaker that helps organizations improve, develop & strengthen the culture of positosis (positivity), through dynamic and engaging presentations on transforming life’s experiences into personal and professional success, whether in the workplace or in daily relationships.

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Marjorie Ngwenya

141 – Courage to Leap & Lead with Marjorie Ngwenya

Marjorie serves an independent non-executive director in the financial services sector. And through her work as a leadership and life coach she demonstrates her passion for personal growth. Marjorie trained as an actuary and holds a Sloan Masters of Leadership and Strategy from the London Business School.

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140 – Courage to Leap & Lead with Dr. Dwayne Jenkins

Dr. Dwayne Jenkins is a board-certified gynecologic oncologist who received his Doctor of Medicine in 1997 from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. He completed his residency at the University of South Carolina and his fellowship at the University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in the Department of Gynecologic Oncology.

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