Microcourage™ Certification: Webinar
"Implementing Business Courage"

Microcourage™ is defined as courageously moving forward when blocks to our goals occur. For example they can occur when:

- You have physical pain like a migraine and you get out of bed to go to a work meeting or doing a presentation.

- It can be asking a visually impaired person if you could support them in crossing the street.

- It can be giving a presentation when fear of presenting has overwhelmed you.

- It could be expressing a view point among those who think differently.

- I could be going for exercise after a chemo infusion.

These are all acts of Microcourage™ verses Macrocourage™ (running into a burning building to save a child or jumping into a lake to save a dog). We need to recognize and celebrate these acts to increase our awareness of everyday success.

The Why?

Many people talk about courage but few know how to identify it each day in business.
Even fewer people know how to implement it.
Let us show you how courage can lead to everyday success

Six Modules







The Delivery

Courage to leap & Lead Webinar/ Workshop: Delivered Online 3.5 hours (3 CEU Credits)
Microcourage™ Certification: Online 4 days 2-hours per day + Exam (8 CEU Credits)

Max 10 people per cohort

About CB

CB's superpower is the ability to see simple solutions to complex issues; she is a consultant for successful executives. Named one of the top 50 coaches in the world by Thinkers50 & a member of MG100

Selected as one of the world’s top brand professionals in 2021 by Global Gurus, ranked by Marshall Goldsmith Top Global Coaches as the #1 coach for increasing the quality of coaching for her work as the CEO of the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC) and the MEECO Leadership Institute.

What People Say

"Working with organizational leaders, and decision-makers, CB supports breakthroughs
allowing for creativity to replace fear. She helps her clients master the art of growth and success through courage."

"CB totally rocked my world and helped me get a crystal clear focus on a huge impact project, including the best next steps. She’s the real deal when it comes to no BS results oriented"

"CB Bowman has the gift of cutting to the heart of an issue, dissecting it for greater understanding, and then creating new opportunities. CB helped me re-focus my website over a year ago and as a result it received greater attention. CB is also generous. She is willing to listen and provide you with advice you can put into practice. Immediately. CB is a force of nature."

"I am extremely grateful to her for her generous collaboration on our recent AECOP Conference and her inspiring keynote presentation “ The Courage to LEAP first! …then figure out where you want to land”. We wanted to speak about Courage in a specially complex time to make risky decisions and CB brought a motivating, inspiring view and valuable proposals to take action. The conference participants enjoyed her presentation and valued highly positively her contributions. As for me, I feel very fortunate and grateful for having CB in my life.”

“I had the opportunity to meet CB while I have been part of the organizing team of the 10th AECOP International Executive Coaching Congress. CB shared in the Congress a really inspiring keynote presentation on Courage and Fear Management. I was fascinated by her generosity and integrity in the relationship with her, being able to generate immense trust with her humility and enthusiasm. CB has a great capacity for empathic listening and is able to transform what is difficult into apparently simple and logical ideas. She is an excellent communicator, who generated empowering and positive energy in the attendees, so they were aware of the power in all of us we have to improve in our business and in our lives. It has been wonderful to meet her and to be inspired by her humanity, professionalism, and passion for people."

"CB always sees beyond the surface and towards the future. If you are looking for a speaker who can help you scale up and step up in order to identify income streams, look no further. CB is the one."

“… In every single conversation, I walk away with deep insights and a thirst for more time with her. Her depth of wisdom and her sheer desire to know more is what sets her apart from the many Executive Gurus in her field. She never enters a conversation ill-prepared, and she never leaves one making you feel as though you were the only one that learned. She is generous beyond reason with her time and knowledge. And, she never fails to spark one's excitement to move toward desired goals with a full heart and a clear mind”

"CB Bowman is an idea factory who also happens to be a world-class listener. I always come away from my conversations with her in a great mood and my batteries fully charged. She makes everyone around her feel valued and engaged. I always learn something after I have talked with CB. Working with her is a gift! If you have the chance to work with CB you will never forget the experience. She makes you a better person."

I experienced firsthand CB's Superpowers: diversity, equity and inclusion, visionary leadership, and executive coaching. Her business acumen and ability to connect with everyone are a rare find. She identifies simple solutions for complex problems​